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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Gandhi, and, Bhowani Junction

I did see that movie Gandhi then in 1982 but I just reviewd again on computer today
I wwant to make some comments related to how it was made and who made it etc.
   National Film Developement of India paid, 10, Million Dollars (1980) and Nehru or his rep approved it. I have respects for R. Attenborough as a fiml maker but in this movie his feelings against jinnah and Pakistan are quite evident, of course the writer Mr John Briley is to be blamed for it. Then on top of of it we see  Mr Puri playing the Jinnah role they found is non-filmy fellow who was given this role Mr. Padamsee who was more of an advertising authority than aand a theater man rather than a screen individual (This is the only film he acted in) Seeing his personal life he was from a well-known wealthy Khoja Muslim (Devout) family though he himself was more of an atheist.
 As compared to Earlier Hollywood flick, Bhowani Junction that was not allowed by the Indian Government to be filmed on location. The film-makers decided to seek pakistanies for filming and they happily agreed. It was filmed in Lahore (including Railway station and trains etc. (I saw it was on Platform number 4 and once I was passing by the station and saw a crowd standing so I got of my bicycle and peeped in Sure enough there was Mr  Stewart Grainger himself standing in the middle, a handsome tall fellow. They (hollywood bunch) were accomodated in Fletties hotel and probably AC ed because it was summer of 1956. Once we were in Lawrence Garden roaming around and saw Ava Gardner along with Bill Travers under a tree and Zaheer quickly got a book out and ran to that tree, " Miss Ava, please your autograph" 

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Sunday, June 19, 2022


Today is Juneteenth so I waited to write from yesterday

Just to remind you all about fathersday as there is no grandfathers day I am including all for I am twice father in this way
  Anyway I am reminded of Loneliness of fathers from this article I read yesterday unable to paste. I have more reasons for loneliness that I have become accustomed to by now. It started with loss of hearing which gradually progressed  untill I lost it all and although modern technology brings back some sounds but their differentiation is difficult and I am left with only 50-60% of understanding speech and music is all absent. Thanking Allah SWT that so far vision and brain work good enough to enjoy life  without the door of hearing

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Sunday, June 12, 2022

June Bug

Well, folks this is Funny way of saying about June but this became known to me through an old  aquiantance of mine who child was born in June and whatever his name but was called June Bug
   So is my June bug starting from today every day till 14th of june all my grandchildren born like this, Adams and Issa
May Allah give them happy and wonderful lives May all of them e successful in their lives May all of them have love of Islam and Qur'an and have great strength of Iman
 Nic3e f3eeling it gives me every year alHamdulillah

Wednesday, March 02, 2022


I have always enjoyed Fajr Namaz in Masjid with Jamaát, Just has been a kind of a habit. So after retirement I have been more regular for  this Fajr in the Masjid/Islamic Center of Raleigh And  now I am the oldest person in the community having started the first association to build a masjid that was in 1977 . Fast forward to 2020 we now have a Quran Hifz School and a regular almost high school. The building has all requirements and the school is functioning in the top schools of our city.
What I wanted to record here is the respect that the community members accord to me This first of March was so much it made me almost ashamed whether I deserve such reverence (Well there may be the reason as because I used to lead Namaz Fajr many times in the beginning and also took many Jumuah salat leads and Khutba)
 Some members place chair for me for salat and carry it for me every day and sometimes even senior members take such responsibility Today however it was extreme. One brother after salat as I came out of Musalla brought my shoes to wear and another brother bent down to help me wear with his finger. The brother has previously done that so he knew and recognized my shoes. I don't even know their names and I tried to ask but my hearing being insufficient I did not understand. I pray for all of them after my tahajjud prayer. May Allah bless them

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Another Day/Date

Now, This month has been full of special dates 
I wrote 20 days back about the date was 2/2/22  and now today it is ;
2/22/22 February Twenty-second, two thousand twenty-two
But it has been like any other day, nothing special, just writing it down shows the multiple "two"s

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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Important day-17th Feb

70 Years ago today
Was a joyous occasion for our family, my older brother Dr. Meraj was getting married. A Baraat of about 26 villagers from Kotla got ready to travel by bus hired for the occasion One occasion when Dr. Siraj my oldest brother was also attending and I had my new clothes a suit for me (the very first one) which I was proud to wear. Everybody got up early to go from Kotla village to Sialkote city. We were supposed to get there by 11 or 11'30 but our bus was outside the city by 10 am. So we stopped and waited for an hour to get to the place who were expecting 'the villagers' to be late and were " surprised'' to see us early/on time
  Well, the event took its time and we had a delicious lunch served which everybody enjoyed and we all headed back in the evening along with the bride (Bhabi Nasim) The following day Zahid took a picture of all three brothers that happens to be the only picture of all three of us together, so I have preserved it and see 8if I can post it here

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Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Uncommon type of Day today

As promised here I am on this date
Well, it is like any other day and not so cold as it was a couple of days back. Nice sunshine outside but have not gone out today Have plans for tomorrow
A good discussion is going on in my children/grandchildren when they can come down to NC for w/e visit Everybody with school and other projects, all trying eagerly to corroborate and organize. Some amazing experience for us old folks

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