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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Wisdom eh err Tooth

Third of the four teeth supposedly keeping wisdom has been removed to day I looked after it for over 70 years well but it remained kind of crooked. My dentist suggested it is time to get it out
 Well now does that mean I have only one fourth of my original wisdom left? I know I have been getting more and more forgetful lately. What will happen now, I wonder Let us hope others wont be able to make judgement of my loss. The surgeon did offer me "do you want to take it home"after taking it out but I did not feel encouraged
It is gone for ever

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Hoaxes and Fake news

Some times ago I was fooled by one news of death of some celebrity but then I learned many others die so many times. I confirmed today for example about a hoax of death of Dalip Kumar who was sick and hospitalized a few months back but found that it was also fake news that somebody tried to post after learning of his hospitalization
 Internet artists are sitting there and constructing fake news regularly and I have been frequently fooled by them as many other old folks do for they like me lived in a different era when telling fibs was considered wrong but now on the internet it has become a fashion.
I call them ärtists" because for example, looking at the picture they made of Dalip Kumar as a dead person face surrounded by a lot of flowers and a lady that could be Saira Bano crying with an embrace of Amitabh Bachchan. This is a very well constructed photo
 Of course I see daily some celebrities  with the news of the death. What I do not understand fully why do they do it?

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

iDoc- Mandatory Training for Sexual Harassment

You are wondering what is "medical" about this:
 Well I had "MANDATORY SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING" in my last years of work in VAMedical center as physician. That was under federal plans that are now being imposed  (I heard today on TV) on all senators and other  staff at capital hill/Washington.
 (as if they dont already have such training/experience)
 Anyway I laughed at the training I had to go through and was still confused at the end of that training as to at what point the female employee can call it harassment and up to what point she would consider it normal senior junior relationship oran ordinary flirting experience that is considered acceptable in our society. Clearcut cases are easy to understand. My own understanding from listening to all these sexual misbehaviors of the powerful men using their powerful position for sexual advantage weather it is women or youngmen (Sandusky and church scandals).
 Future generations will probably know the effects of these "trainings" as all those who took their advantages in seventies and eighties were "not trained"

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Thursday, September 07, 2017

September six and my friend

In Pakistan it is holiday in commemoration of the shuhada who laid down their lives for Pakistan
 Pakistan was literally saved from the higher forces of India as the Pakistanis did fight very bravely and what we say in Urdu
 daant khattay ker diyay dushman kay
   These were all precious lives. I miss my friend who is not mentioned amongst them as he was reported as MIA  although later it was found that his plane was downed in India He was Squadern Leader SS Alam Siddiqui who died in the service of Pakistan second day of war
We call it Defense Day and rightly so because India was the Aggressor.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Texas Floods

This certainly is a major disaster that Harvey has thrown to Texas and other coastal areas of southern US.Allah rehm karay.
 I remember two floods of Pakistan (Lahore) One reason is that first time northern areas and Panjab in Pakistan was affected by floods was about a similar time in 1948. Pakistan was new and yes monsoons are well known in India and Pakistan  As the rains flooded Ravi and it over flowed  and  Chenab did the same so there was so much flood. I heard in the media that the origins of all these rivers lie in India so they had the ability to divert excessive waters of these major rivers toward Pakistan in order to save their own lands from flooding
 My father marhoom had traveled during this time from Lahore to our village Kotla and had to walk distances (buses exchanging passengers) in water and saw misery of people suffering and I remember him making a speech at Baqar Eid to the villagers to donate skins of sacrifices of Eid for helping such suffering families and that happened all over Pakistan the proceeds from seeling of these skins helped raise funds
 The second floods I remember was of 1952 and when I went to Lahore (for admission to Medical College) I saw waters of floods near The Mall near GPO. I wrote the whole story how I had to travel as no buses or such transports were running from my village  to Lahore so I had to go to RawalPindi and take a Pak Air force (frieghter) flight to Lahore (My classmate in school days Mian Mohammad Sadique,who was in Air force had arranged it for me). I was in time for the admission interview

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Monday, June 19, 2017

iDoc, "Fibromyalgia

 CONDITION not a disease
 When I was studying (in Medical school) I was taught that there is no Muscle disease or fiber disease and pathological abnormalities are not found in this condition  (now the TV specialists have found överactive nerves - whatever it means - as the pathology)
 But today it being is promoted to be almost like a disease process and now I see even  specific medicine is being advertised as if this is a disease that has a specific medication for it.
 And I am mused even laugh at it as I did when I studied about it.
 It was not often many women come to seek treatment for pain in neck and shoulders (It is known to be more common in women)  They are just tired housewives working hard to keep everybody happy in the home physically day and night cooking and cleaning and washing without anything automatic being available which is quite understandable so give some valium in small doses and painkillers. There is no automatic washing machine or cookers etc. for prescription to lighten the work load of these poor women
 This is like saying headache or bellyache is a ""disease.
It reminds me of a very interesting note I must report. Long time ago I was working as a registrar in an old psychiatric hospital in England where there were chronic old cases who lived their lives in the hospital for there was no cure of schizophrenics and the like in those olde days. I came across a patient and her chart who was there since 1916. There was a history written in hand which I could read and found a diagnosis about which I had heard it existed in the good olde days
DAH -- Disorderly Action of the Heart And sure there was a heart murmur which I now forget what was my own diagnosis but the patient had lived so long (I am talking about 1967)

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Banned Parenthood" and Microcephaly

    I recently came across an article with the above caption written in 2015 and it immediately brought to my mind an old Urdu write-up ?Afsana, may have been Minto but  I only remember the abominable and heart-wrenching contents.
 But first a word or two about "Banned". Many years ago USA practiced "Eugenics" almost like Nazi/Hitler's. The 'committee' ordered  Surgical "sterilization of young women (and men) considered to be unfit for parent-hood like:
 too poor
physically disabled  --  and so on.
 That eugenics committee dissolved in 1977 (Thank God). There may still be other ways of continuing the "selection' process and I will not go further except mentioning that pictures I saw (in that article) were those of African-American  grandmother who looked perfectly normal with her grandson and she was raped at age 13, when she was declared feebleminded (instead of rape investigation) so that when she got married at 19 and found out what surgery had been done it wrecked her marriage but she was thankful they let her have her only son.
  The Urdu afsana or whatever was that of a microcephalic teenager who became a mother (do not remember who made the poor bayzubaan pregnant) causing problems for the "owner" whose "livelihood" got disturbed with her pregnancy. Those of you who do not know  "microcephalics" just a few words for them. Medically this means a child born with a very small head (and therefore brain) who live with extremely poor intelligence,  very very feebleminded. In Panjab they were called "Shah Dawlah's Choohay". The story goes about a mazar of Shah Dawlah in Gujrat (Pb) where some time ago some childless mother made "mannat" that if you give us children I will "donate" the first child for your  service/set-up (lot of Mujawars and buildings). It so happened that the first child born turned out to be a microcephalic. After that many "childless mothers" did the same thing and the first child was given to the service of Shah Dawlah and that child was "made" into microcephalic with iron cap on the newborn so received . It was not uncommon to see people taking such a child to use him/her for asking for alms. These "Shah Dawlah's choohay" were sold from the mazar and the "owners" lived happily ever after, for such a child when he/she approaches you and begs speaking hardly any words with out-stretched had one can imagine  why such hand would always be filled with money. I dont remember the whole afsana but you remember my village Kotla which is located in Gujrat distt. and I remember seeing these children coming to me tapping on my shoulder and making me feel so disturbed and helpless. Later I came to know of the family of Shah Dawlah when they stopped this abominable practice.
 Yes I would vote for such a "feeble-minded" for that operation (call me "flexible") but would be horrified to apply that principle to everybody microcephalic or not.
 Does any Urdu reader recall such afsana?

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