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Sunday, January 07, 2018

The ugly '18 beginning

Well, this has been a very hard and unusual week, the first one of this year. Today is just first time I can relax and sit down to tell you what went wrong.  In the last month we had children visiting who advised us and we readily agreed to discontinue cable/spectrum and choose for what our TV and other things like telephone and internet etc. Truly speaking we were both fed up with the Spectrum services so it was a relief indeed . The kids got us a "Sling"and we found it useful enough changed telephone with AT &T, internet and fone  A new modem was established in our home with new connections. The sling  thing (antenna) called Roku  came in and vonage attachments. The kids did all the connections and so far so good but my wife felt the fone should be placed on her öffice"desk so I disconnected the foneline and shifted to the desk place.

That was a disastrous move that we realized only when I wanted my email, HiFi was OK but internet gone and I as a total novis tried all the reconnections checking and trying to follow the instructions but nothing worked, Cold and snow further squeezed us and for two days we could get no help until yesterday our good neighbor came and made all the connections etc. properly taking his time and going very methodically with me trying to understand. Finally got it done . Next, there was a left over problem of our VCR not working and I have not watched any videos or movies for some years now so I thought our equipment has rusted or gotten old etc. So before throwing it away we thought letting him give a try. It turned out it was equipment problem but I had a couple of older VCRs which he connected and it all worked OK so we were quite happy and watched one that my wife was interested in.

That was however not the only thing. I am going to cut short the details now. Last Wed./Thursday we got a call from our (master)Card people they had blocked it. Since card carried my name and telephone was used only by my wife ( for the last five years or more) they would not tell her much and I spoke on the fone to tell them I cannot understand therefore my wife will have to speak. The following day we visited our Banks and found there has been a questionable transaction from Singapore (Less than 100 dollars) but it was right move for the card to block. Yesterday we got new cards (and new number) delivered to us.

Well these were major problems and we thanked The Almighty that it was not truly stolen identity with loss of higher funds. It feels now the rest of the fifty one weeks of this year eighteen will be better and yes we pray for that

Monday, January 01, 2018

Recreational drugs and our Society

   So Marijuana now enjoys freedom from criminality in California also
 Well With the nation already facing opioid epidemic it is not surprising. Some times back I wrote about Pain as a new medical "vital sign" in addition to age-old  pulse-BP-Temp and its "ridiculousness" calling it a sign for it is NOT. However what was most difficult in my practice was prescription of pain-relieving medicines especially narcotics because as physicians ( at least in VA System) we were advised to prescribe  for pain and all the demands for narcotics among the patients increased as many of the patients leaned to count from "one to ten levels" of the pain description. I had predicted that narcotic use is going to increase and sure enough we are now experiencing the results of it as we will about Marijuana soon.
 Frankly speaking however Alcohol has also bad side effects speaking dispassionately and more scientifically,? and Marijuana may be almost equal to it though Alcohol enjoys much better status in society here. Back home (Pakistan) Alcohol is almost similar to Marijuana in society But Marijuana (Bhang) is also known for spiritual enhancement or something like that. We are familiar of its widespread use in the "Mazars" and the mujawars etc. You can compare the effects both immediate and longterm and make your own conclusions of alcohol and marijuana Surely it is abuse of Alcohol that produces un acceptable results but when legalized how are we going to control the use of marijiuana. May be I am "prejudiced" about alcohol because I have seen the terrible devastating effects of short term and long term "abuse" of alcohol in my practice-- not only of the person but also the destruction of family relations etc. all
 I personally never wanted to experience Bhang in my youth and stayed away from the "pleasures of it along with most of my close friends while some others were of more adventurous nature.  There was a time in early days of Pakistan when alcohol was "prescribed" by doctors (or they were asked to prescribe) and the store would sell it if you tell them "doctor has prescribed for me" (you did not have to produce a written prescription) It sounds funny but that is the truth
 So may be it will become available in legal form if doctors start prescribing marijuana here in USA(and they already have started to: especially in specific diseases cases like cancer pain or even MS)

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Monday, December 18, 2017

56 years ago

I wrote my first Christmas experience five{six} years ago today when I joined my first day of work in England . That in 2011 was a Sunday but today is Monday exactly like it was in 1961; 56 years ago today ( see my blog of 12/18/2011)

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday Surkhi

     As usual Sunday mornings are filled with televangelists doing their show
Well at least some of them seem to think that Sunday service is not too different from a show and the Pastor is the star of that show. Indeed some speakers do take a subject from Bible to give a real sermon but This morning I saw one who was clearly dancing around on the stage with very little substance to his speech/sermon. Referring to Biblical statement where it says woman to be subservient to man he was adding that her subservience with power is the understanding. The Lord did not mean by this she should be a slave because God did not create anybody as slave. The audience, of course appreciated but I did notice that he was moving like I know people with Chorea whereas the audience was more respectful and not very excited as I have seen some other pastors/churches. Neither his language nor his actions of movements were those of a sermon. The question of women however seems appropriate with the current customs undergoing a definite change. Hopefully men with power will start behaving better and not using their position to take sexual advantage from female emplyees

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Wisdom eh err Tooth

Third of the four teeth supposedly keeping wisdom has been removed to day I looked after it for over 70 years well but it remained kind of crooked. My dentist suggested it is time to get it out
 Well now does that mean I have only one fourth of my original wisdom left? I know I have been getting more and more forgetful lately. What will happen now, I wonder Let us hope others wont be able to make judgement of my loss. The surgeon did offer me "do you want to take it home"after taking it out but I did not feel encouraged
It is gone for ever

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Hoaxes and Fake news

Some times ago I was fooled by one news of death of some celebrity but then I learned many others die so many times. I confirmed today for example about a hoax of death of Dalip Kumar who was sick and hospitalized a few months back but found that it was also fake news that somebody tried to post after learning of his hospitalization
 Internet artists are sitting there and constructing fake news regularly and I have been frequently fooled by them as many other old folks do for they like me lived in a different era when telling fibs was considered wrong but now on the internet it has become a fashion.
I call them ärtists" because for example, looking at the picture they made of Dalip Kumar as a dead person face surrounded by a lot of flowers and a lady that could be Saira Bano crying with an embrace of Amitabh Bachchan. This is a very well constructed photo
 Of course I see daily some celebrities  with the news of the death. What I do not understand fully why do they do it?

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

iDoc- Mandatory Training for Sexual Harassment

You are wondering what is "medical" about this:
 Well I had "MANDATORY SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING" in my last years of work in VAMedical center as physician. That was under federal plans that are now being imposed  (I heard today on TV) on all senators and other  staff at capital hill/Washington.
 (as if they dont already have such training/experience)
 Anyway I laughed at the training I had to go through and was still confused at the end of that training as to at what point the female employee can call it harassment and up to what point she would consider it normal senior junior relationship oran ordinary flirting experience that is considered acceptable in our society. Clearcut cases are easy to understand. My own understanding from listening to all these sexual misbehaviors of the powerful men using their powerful position for sexual advantage weather it is women or youngmen (Sandusky and church scandals).
 Future generations will probably know the effects of these "trainings" as all those who took their advantages in seventies and eighties were "not trained"

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