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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Birthdays on Facebook

    I always celebrated my birthday on
11th of October
  Now for some reason (I suspect FB) this year having had my usual birthday greetings in October (11th).  I was pleasantly surprised with some of my FB youngsters my nephews etc, have done it again today 11th of December
 It happens
 I am happy to have twice in one year what a beautiful mistake
 At first I thought of just saying thanks for the wishes but I did make corrections in the end worried that the angel of death might not get confused and may also miscalculate by mistakenly decreasing my age. Well I know what you are thinking but these angels may have kept up with all the media changes who knows

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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Marriage/Nikah and aadat(Habituation)

     No matter how nikah/marriage has been performed in one day it results in a life-long companionship of two essentially strangers man and a woman (restricting my comments) and whether they live happily or not so happily makes no difference as long as they do not separate or get divorced.
 So if we  talk about longer lasting companionships say for example 15  or 20 or more years these two individuals get used to living with each others habits of all kinds. How one sleeps, how one eats how one reacts with happiness and how with sorrow, how one develops reading attotudes and all those mundane acts of every day life. Each one makes adjustments to create space for the other with mutual understanding with or without argumentation (Does anybody remember an old Hollywood movie  -- Period of adjustment -- ?)
  Recently I found that question of somewhat longer wedding conditions in which the two frequently argued or showed dislike etc and yet on suggestion of separation the fellow says
 now I am with her aadat (not leaving) --See Mystic
 I frequently dubbed it as "addiction"
 When you are addicted to your wife/husband you just cannot think of separation or divorce

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Monday, November 19, 2018

C.D. Aring MD

My teacher/mentor of neurology was also an accomplished writer. One Christmas he invited us (residents) at his home and placed a lot of books on a table asked us to shoose one. I did and he gifted that to me with his (beautiful) writing. He was a migraneur and always wanted to be perfect (and taught us the same) The published book for example I have has three 'typos' which have been appropriately corrected in his hand.
 I shall quote some thing from the book I still have which is a collection of his writings (essays/advice) 
 Today,s quote (Talking about use of language in teaching a medical student for both the teacher and student)
 "The appreciation of value of language leads to the acknowledgement of three rules for good expression:
 The first and possibly the most important is 'to have a point'
 The second is make it out and
The third is that it should be made out in eighteen-carat (in my language it would be 24 carat) impeccable idiomatic English.

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Life must end in Death

  Yes I understand the topic is somewhat philosophical so forgive me for that
 At my age this question tends to crop up a bit more frequently as if at younger age death does not occur  as commonly. The fact is that death is "written' down as soon as life is begun  (in the mother's womb that is)
    So it is sort of part of life (end of life) One of my friends said
mawt kitni haseen haqiqat hay
umr bher jis ka intizar kia

In short, we wait for death for our whole life. There is no escape from this reality. Some say at the time of death your whole life passes in front of your glance in a few seconds. To me this has been happening frequently except that not the whole life but many events keep raising their heads in my memory box from  time to time, Some of them I jot down under this blog and others I ignore

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

White lies

   Untruth, fake truth
Cover-up (fake truth)

   Some of the expressions that raise a disgusting feeling in everybody
 Yet it is used daily in the news right in front of us presented to us for believing/accepting
 This is known as POLITICAL RHETORIC

What is most amazing is the most highly placed individuals in society like
chiefs '
 etc etc are all doing the same for making small and major benefits to them and their cronies
 This is all at the expense of our acceptance willingly or un-willingly
 President Bush for example manufactured a '" false news'' of weapons of mass destruction to invade Iraq. All evidence was presented to him with clarity that there are no such things yet most people in USA were made to believe it to be truth and he was able to kill hundreds and thousands of people and destroy the country completely.
   Candidate Trump made a false claim of 4-5 million false votes, not accepted but he pressed it and never retreated the statement
  President Trump continues to tell lies right and left everyday and does not care whether it is accepted or not as he thinks he is making history anyway
  Why do we blame Hitlers and Firaowns and Changez Khans
Or presidents/PM etc of the world including Pakistan and India

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Thursday, October 11, 2018


It is unusual for me to do nawafil but may be it is not  too late
 So  that is how I decided to çelebrate my eightyfifth bDay
 Feels good
 Also got my yearly flu shot and now relax at home with popcorns while Michael is showing its signs out side Rains in our area do not seem torrential right now

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sneezing - Guilty

Ordinarily this is a completely useless ineffectual mundane kind of topic to say anything about. Yes?  But wait it is not so in my personal case
First what do they say when you sneeze
1. Yerhamukum-ullah (the sneezer says alhamdulillah) Actually medically speaking this act is to throw out forcefully any irritating and therefore possibly injurious thing for the respiratory system So alhamdulillah is a thank you for the Almighty very appropriate indeed
2.  'Somebody is remembering you' which gives you a good feeling
   Now like everybody else I have been sneezing all my life with or without coryza or any other reason.
 (Did you ever wonder why we nearly always sneeze twice?)
 Many a times in the last fifteen thousand eight hundred and eighty days I have been reminded not to sneeze so loud (do I have control on it?)
 Not only that but  but actually I may be told to go to some other room during telephone conversation as if I purposely sneeze during such time. It is estimated, I am reminded, loud sneeze will sort of scare the person on the other end of the phone (Dont ask me how)
 Well to cut the story short I have been driven to feel guilty when I sneeze.
  For coughing and some other human automatic/autonomic physiological events with or without acoustic accompaniment there are other instructions/exclamations

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