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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Darwin and his theories

      There has been a lot written about theories of Darwin and discussion became more complicated and emotional when Biblical statements of creation were placed as opposed to the evolutionary process that brought about the appearance of HomoSapiens and as before Church and science were at odds
  Just looking at an old magazine (National Geographic 2005) I found "letters"printed in response to an earlier article about Darwin  "Was Darwin Wrong?" Out of six letters published (out of hundreds) only one touched my own thinking (which is actually based on Quranic statements) The fellow suggested that  actually things like selection of the fittest type of thinking are just the "tools used by God"for creation and says the he wished that during his life time the two (Evolution and creation) would merge. The first homo sapiens were Adam and Eve
 That is my own feeling he has expressed in the non-Quranic language

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Past years of age

This is so pretty fitting my own life at age 85
I had to borrow it from Mystic

 Roughly speaking: Past years of life are not like clothes worn on the body but they become like moles (which) though say nothing with their tongue (are speechless) but just stay quietly on the body (skin)
   In my case they keep on appearing like a film scene every now and then in my mind and I sometimes transfer them on to these pages

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Yaum Arafa

I have been fasting most such days but am not fasting today
  Life changes related to age seem to be affecting all such options However I was still able to fast full Ramzan this year. I guess I will not fast for Aashoora, will see
 This is one of those Eids when all the children and grandchildren are here so I am pretty busy Took 1000 mg of Tylenal to be able to keep up with the youngsters (they dont know). Feel good and on top of the world with all this. How one can be thankful to Allah SWT for all this happiness

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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Moon Landing 50 yrs celebration

   The whole week from 16th July we were watching on TV this human outstanding achievement
 I was still new from England and the communication of the base on earth for the astronauts in Florida was something for me to listen to
 I was learning the meaning of  "Roger"
 The launching of Apollo 11 was a scene also the crowds on the roads and other places near the place of launch and children and adults all with eyes wide open.
  Afterwards the theories of fake and conspiracies etc. started. Yes fake news is not limited to Trump and may be he had learned that from those days and like the 'birther'story some people still call it fake moon-landing
 Years later we visited the place

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Sunday, July 07, 2019

Social Media and us/me

 There are many drawbacks and some of them almost prohibitive but there is such advantage of communication with known friends whom you may not have even met but known by name only and you can share many things live with them
 Some you may discover or find by surprise and that is such a source of pleasure you can count on and it will outweigh the drawbacks
 This is an ongoing thing and at my age it gives me contact with all the children and grandchildren wherever they are in the world but just a click away

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

US-Mexican Border Today

   We have a Man-created disaster for human children/families
 The families that started out to get to safety grounds somewhere on this earth and what they ended up with
 The reporters tell a very unpleasant life of the kids without parents living in squalor in unclean un- hygienic overcrowded surroundings where they will be lucky to survive and/or  meet with  their family members
 Those lucky ones will remember these days of life with what feelings I wonder
 What will be the effects of these days on their lives?
How many stories will be born out of that and how many will end up as best-sellers and even movies like we see about Nazi Germany. I may not  live to see such movies but surely my children and grandchildren will see
 I have memories of refugees of Partition /Independence of Indian subcontinent from my childhood though I personally did not suffer much through the period of fear and unsafety/lawlessness

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Thursday, June 06, 2019

D-Day 75 years on

   Celebrations of this day June 6, 1944 all Europeans talk about is peace that resulted (in Europe that is) and the end of Nazi forces
 clap clap clap
It is true great objectives achieved or is it really?
Nazi ism is alive and kicking in Israel as well as in the US of A
 Here in USA it is called white supremacy. Peace has just been shifted out of Europe to all surrounding countries (including Western Europe/USSR  Chechnia, Bosnia etc.)and many Middle east countries have been destroyed (Iraq and Afghanistan) for no reason at all and some are threatened on a daily basis so they have to remain militarily alert (Iran)
  So the great question is what kind of celebration is it?
 Has the Western world become civilized?
 Has any country learned any lesson?
 Man continues to repeat the history and I believe will continue

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